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to the official music site of Esteban Gil.

Having spent more than 35 years accompanying, arranging and participating in productions of great folk musicians has allowed me to handle this beautiful profession with great knowledge. Here you can get the latest news and see examples of his musical work.

Training and experience

Professional profile

Argentine musician - Uruguayan guitarist, charanguista and cuatrista, arranger and student of Latin American folklore, graduated from the University of the Argentine Social Museum in choral direction has studied with teachers such as Antonio Russo, Antonio Yepes, Abel Carlevaro, Eduardo Egüez, Eleazar Jackson. .


From the family of musicians his father Carlos Gil was a guitarist for Radio EL Mundo in Buenos Aires, along with teachers such as Roberto Grela, Ubaldo de Lio, Edmundo Zaldívar among others here and thus his voice for Argentine and Rioplatense music.


He formed the Corn group in the 80s' Together with Luis Rigou and later reformulated with Polo Martí with whom they managed to succeed in the Cosquín Festival in 1987 in a wider formation.


Then he makes countless tours with Maíz and as a soloist in Europe and America sharing stages with musicians of the size of Ramón Ayala, Aníbal Sampayo, Osiris Rodríguez Catillos, Los Jaivas, Quilapayun, Paco Ibáñez, Juan Falú, Walter Heinze, Eduardo Egüez, between others. He was a guitarist and charanguista musician of Don Anibal Sampayo participating in all his latest recordings from 1986 until his death.


He creates the Interactive Exhibition of Latin American Music that currently operates in Montevideo at the MAPI Museum of Pre-Columbian and Indigenous Art and is a teacher of folk music and musician at the SODRE Montevideo Uruguay School of Artistic Training for 26 years uninterrupted forming countless new artists Committed to our identity. At the ORT University of Montevideo and the CEDIIAP University Institute.


It has several recordings both its own and guest Imaginary Corn Folklore - Music of the Soul - The Gualambao by Ramón Ayala - From my loves by Pablo Estramin - Beyond the time of Aníbal Sampayo - Guitar de Luz by Walter Heinze, etc.

Lately he has also attended as a guest at the Ensemble La Quimera directed by Eduardo Egüez.

Currently, he forms ¨Tones Zambos¨ music for Latin American pulsed string and percussion duos.


Some artists I accompanied

Recordings and concerts

Anibal Sampayo

"Latin American String Music"

South of South America

Interpretations of the works of Atahualpa Yupanqui, Juan Falú, Amalia de la Vega, Anibal Sampayo, Miguel Martínez, Alfredo Zitarrosa, Ruben Rada, El Príncipe, Jaime Ros, Horacio Castillos, Osiris Rodriguez Castles and new creators of contemporary folklore.


Different performance

Concerts - Clinics - Didactics - Musical talks



Talks and conferences

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